Case Study

Pembrooke Park

Completed: 2006 Location: West Bloomfield, MI Project Type: Residential Subdivision Entrance

Pembrooke park is a unit condominium project on the interior corner of two busy streets.  The goal was to give total privacy for the units while creating an identity and statement throughout the structures and landscaping.  Pembrooke Park uses a tall natural stone wall to surround the development giving it a grand presence from the outside while providing a tucked in feel for its residents.  At the top of the curved wall facing the public space is a mass of ever blooming roses in front of a backdrop of a yew hedge and a grove of large spruce trees.

Highlights Include:
  • The corner has become a well-known landmark for West Bloomfield Township.
  • The two entrances repeat the theme of granite walls and lighted columns.
  • The signage is etched in limestone and custom detailed wrought iron fences and gates adorn the walls.
  • Large berms and meandering paths were created to add additional privacy with natural groves of spruce and shade trees.
  • A 6’ tall granite stone wall is the backdrop for a community sitting area.
  • 20’ spruce trees along the road created instant privacy to the new homes.
  • The landscape balances the walls with formal hedges and masses of flowering shrubs and trees. Large Austrian Pines were planted to give maturity and proportion to the site.
  • Interior pergola and sitting areas also created a sense of community and identity to the site.
  • Steel benches face a seasonally planted circle surrounded by walking paths.