Design Approach

Great Oaks Landscape takes pride in creating distinctive, inventive, and functional landscapes for each and every client. We design your property to fit your desires, lifestyle, and budget, and we build to the highest degree of quality to ensure that your landscape will remain at its best for years to come.

We want every landscape to be an extension of the client’s personality, and, as such, recognize that client input and collaboration throughout the design process is a key factor in assuring a successful project. From initial consultation and site analysis to design and installation, each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager and Lead Designer who make sure that the client stays informed, involved, and happy throughout the process.

Phase 1

& Analysis

At the initial meeting, our design team will ask several questions that helps us understand the client’s desires, lifestyle, and budget, and will shape our design decisions throughout the project.

Next, members of our design team will perform an analysis of the site: We will measure the property, analyze soil conditions, identify the environmental conditions, and photograph the site. This ensures that we have the data necessary to create an intelligent design.

Time to put our vision on paper! Our design team works together through a series of conceptual sketches to help us identify the design that best fits the client’s desire, lifestyle, and budget. We will then present a preliminary concept plan and a cost estimate for the total project.

Our use of digital rendering programs and three-dimensional models strengthens our ability to create exceptional landscapes and guides our clients through the concepts we design. Clients are able to immerse themselves in the landscape and visualize the details of the design before the first shovel breaks ground.

At this stage, the design layout is finalized and prepared for installation. With the designer’s guidance, clients have the opportunity to choose the hardscape materials, plants from our nursery, and other installation details that make each project unique.

Your project may require city, township, or state approval before installation can begin. Great Oaks Landscape is available to act as your agent throughout this entire process. The plans created in the design phase will be submitted with all necessary applications. If representation is requested at any review meetings, we can attend them for you or with you.

Phase 3

& Completion

This is the phase where hard work becomes reality. Directed by the project lead and an experienced project manager, our expert crew will install the landscape accurately, efficiently, and within budget.

At the client’s request, minor design changes, plant material and hardscape additions may be implemented throughout the installation process. Once installation is complete, we will review our work to make sure that we have met or exceeded all expectations.

We are proud to offer an industry-leading extended warranty program: ensuring the lasting health and beauty of our landscapes long after installation is complete.