Nature can take its toll on even the best-laid landscapes, which is why proper maintenance is so crucial. As such, our certified Horticulturalists and Arborists are here to keep your trees and shrubs looking beautiful and healthy.

We provide lawn mowing, pruning, and fertilizing services, and also perform expert irrigation management, water conservation, and recycling of all biodegradable waste. We are experts on tree care and disease control, and provide a variety of other services ranging from pest management and bed maintenance to seasonal planting and Christmas lighting.

Our expert maintenance teams diligently preserve the beauty and intent of the original design, keeping your landscape pristine when nature starts to take its toll.

Our professionally trained and managed staff maintains many large private estates and corporate properties, as well as public grounds. With modern professional equipment and uniformed crews that are always clean and courteous, Great Oaks Landscape sets the industry standard for service and reliability.

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